About me...WELCOME! My name is Karla. I'm 34 years old and born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Unlike a lot of bloggers I do NOT do this full time and I am NOT a stay at home mom (sorry moms). I am a normal girl with a full time job trying to juggle family, work, life, and still have time to have some fun.

I love cats, crochet, baking, photography, and (of course!), my family. Philadelphia can be a trying city, but there is usually something going on somewhere and I always have a camera handy. Welcome to my blog where I like to journal my life, my loves, and maybe vent a little in between.


I was born and raised in Philadelphia - partly in Manayunk but mostly in South Philadelphia. Both sides of my family were highly dysfunctional, but I remain close with one or two of the good eggs. Instead of dwelling on this, I try to focus on instilling good values with my family now by developing traditions, maintaining close and meaningful friendships, and giving back as much as we can.


I have a wonderful 5yr old little boy and a super caring and supportive husband. Together we love playing, exploring, and trying new things together - most of them I try to document along the way. My family never did much together outside of the home except for the yearly trip to the shore or to see a local event and I have only a handful of photos that document my childhood, so I want my son to be able to grow up and see all of the wonderful things we have done together - even is he was too young to remember all of them!


I have always been into the arts. I was a young musician and played many instruments and sang growing up. I also danced and did some theater in high school, but I don't really do any of that any more. Now I enjoy making things for myself, friends and family, for the home, and to sell on my Etsy Shop. I also dabble in urban gardening and love cooking, baking, and preserving jams and jellies.

I love DIY ethics and, even though I am a city girl, I love learning about homesteading and alternative life styles, country living, the environment, and survival. My husband and I are huge nature lovers and love camping, hiking and backpacking, so learning about all of the things mother nature can give you really comes in handy! I also have a lot of experience in home remodeling and occasionally like to post tutorials to help people (especially women!) learn how to do things for themselves!


Also, I am known to be a health nut sometimes! I love lifting weights, cycling, and running. I was unfortunate to have had a lot of health problems growing up, and although some of them still peek through sometimes, I'm blessed to be healthy and strong.

About the blog...Although I have been writing blog on and off for years, Life with the Pea is a fairly new creation. I love all forms of expression, but I love writing blogs because I find them incredibly fun and informative at the same time. A lot of people think you have to blog about one specific thing - to have a niche. Well, I don't follow this philosophy. I blog about the things I see, the things I love, and the things I love to do including baking, canning, cooking, creating, and, of course, spending time with my family, seeing and experiencing new things and developing family traditions.


Follow me on our journey and hopefully you'll learn a few things along the way!

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About the content...All content published in this blog is original. Any excerpts published for historical / educational purposes will be cited accordingly if applicable.

Unless otherwise cited, all photographs used in this blog are my own and all rights are reserved accordingly. I currently use a Canon Rebel EOS T3 for the majority of my photos and my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active for those taken on the go. Under absolutely no circumstance may ANY of my photos be used or saved for any purposed without explicit written consent given.