shop // society 6 update

7:58 AM

Today I took some times to upload a few of my more recent photographs to my Society 6 account, just in time for the holiday season. Anybody who knows me know that I just about always have a camera on my person and am up to photograph just about anything from trees and nature scenes, to family photos, to simply photographing parties for friends. I found out about Society 6 during the early summer and listed a few things, but never really had any sales (mostly because I failed at promoting).

I love how the site takes something timeless like your photos and allows you to customize and display it in alternative means like mugs, throw pillows, and laptop sleeves, giving you the opportunity to truly have a one of a kind item of your own for reasonable prices and allows me to showcase the different aspects of my photography to a new audience.

If you check out the shop now, there are lots of holiday sales going on and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING TODAY!

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