what i made - squids!

8:20 AM

20150825_184655 This week has been super busy for me (as they usually...eh, always are). A long series of unfortunate circumstances has been forcing me to remodel/refurbish the upstairs bedrooms for the past few weeks and I have been putting in long hours at the office as well with some serious cases. This leaves little time for other things let alone craft work.

I had been working on this long-term project for a friend who became obsessed with a squid scarf she saw online somewhere and wanted to know if I could make it. "Sure!" I said and sent her out to get the yarn in the color she wanted. I didn't know what I was getting into!

The scarf construction was a piece of cake: I used the same method I would use to make shoe bottoms to make it one continuous piece that wasn't square like a regular scarf would be. But...ALL THE DARN SUCKERS! Yup, some 40 suckers and lots of hours later (it was a stop and go project with hard to work with yarn) I was finished. YAY! But wait, there's more. Not only was there a scarf involved, but the leftover yarn turned into talks of a hat. Oy! I didn't know what a squid hat would look like but I gave it a try. Apparently I did ok because she was quite happy with the finished product.


The finished products
I'm pleased to say that I have quite a group of eccentric friends...many of whom now want to be little squids for the winter.

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