lovely fall decor: burlap wreath tutorial

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It's (finally) fall! ...and with fall comes all of the beautiful colors of the leaves, cool and crisp weather, and lots of home remodeling for me! Some people Spring Clean, well I prefer the fall to complete all of my remodeling projects and spruce ups.

I love getting back into decorating around this time of year, especially because I get to utilize earth tones and textures for the season. I love browns and yellows and oranges all mixed together, so last year I decided to make a burlap wreath for my front door. I coveted the ones on ETSY but knew that I could make something comparable for half of the cost (Thank you AC Moore Coupons!). Although the burlap was about $5 a roll at regular price (and the rolls were on the small size), I simply made a couple of trips for all of my supplies and had the hubby buy some with his own coupon code at the store. In addition to the ring and burlap, I found some adorable little ornaments on clearance for between $.50 to $1 each at the time. In all, I think I spent under $20 for what sells for over $40 (+shipping) online.

I had never made a wreath before, but took the blogosphere for help. I found an easy tutorial at Little Lovely Leaders that had lot of photos to guide me through the process. In all I am proud of how it came out and it held up really well so far (as it was sitting in storage since last year).



To change it up a bit during the fall I buy small wood signs with things like "Happy Fall," "Happy Halloween," and "Give Thanks" (for Thanksgiving)at the craft store and hang them in the center. This way I am able to keep it up the entire season and still add a little more decoration to the door for the holidays.

For more ideas and inspiration please visit my Pinterest page where I have many ideas for lovely fall decor

* Please note that these photos have been taken from my previous blog,, which was compromised in early November 2015. The photos, however, are my own and all rights remain accordingly. 

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I am so glad my tutorial helped!! This makes me so happy! Your wreath is perfection! Happy Fall!