baby room makeover: name sign

1:38 PM

name sign (1)

This project cost me a little more than I had initially wanted, but I was also able to utilize materials I already had around the home to make this cute name sign for my love.

While I was at Blick art supplies I came across these adorable little canvases and had the wonderful idea to paint Eamon's name on them and turn them into a hanging sign to place above his new shelf and some artwork I hung above this dresser. Since I am not a magnificent freestyle painter, I was on a mission to find some durable stencils that I could reuse for other projects and that wouldn't bust the bank. Luckily, they were having a sale and I was able to score stencils that normally $7.79 for a bit lower at $5.99. Not much of a score when you think about it, considering that I could have printed free stencils online, but I was in the moment. My idea was to spray paint the canvases using some leftover paint at home and stenciling one letter to each using some acrylics (which I have a huge stash of). I would then use some cheap art clips and some jute I had picked up at the thrift store a while back to create the hanging sign.

Here is a breakdown of the materials and my costs.
name sign (3) Using my spray paint I painted my canvases and let them set. I then used my acrylic black paint and painted in the stencil lines. After a few hours of drying I braided some strands of my jute and suspended the letters using the clips. Easy and plain, but my son loves looking at his letters and spelling his name now.

name sign (2) TOTAL PROJECT COST: $10.26
Like I said, not the cheapest of my projects, bit at least I have materials for more fun times.

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